[Slackware64-14.2] uim-1.8.6 (disable-emacs & with-eb)

I made a package of uim, 'a multilingual input method library and environment', compatible with Slackware64 14.2. I built the program with the options (--disable-emacs and --with-eb) added, since in editing Japanese texts with GNU Emacs, I prefer Daredevil SKK, an input method written in Emacs-Lisp, to uim-skk, and heavily use Lookup, 'an integrated search interface with electronic dictionaries' for Emacsen. So if you like to use the package with the features mentioned above, you should also have the following packages installed: the EB Library and eblook.

The package of uim can be downloaded here. I hope that you'll find it useful, and if you have any problems, don't hesitate to get in contact with me!